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Medication errors and high blood pressure

A new study released has found that individuals that take medication to control high blood pressure are at a greater risk for medication errors. High blood pressure is a serious medical condition. Taking the right medication at the right doses

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10 Common Medication Errors

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices released a list of some of the most common medication errors that health care practitioners should look out for in 2020. Here are the 10 medical errors, as listed by ISMP: Selecting the wrong

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Death related to Electronic Prescription Error

It has been reported in a recent news article that a woman died due to an error with a electronic prescription. The woman was suffering from a urinary tract infection and due to an error received the wrong antibiotic to

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Requiring pharmacies to report prescription errors

There’s an article on News 5 Cleveland that discusses how Ohio has recently introduced reporting requirements for pharmacies that make prescription errors that lead to patient harm or death. We’re glad to see states like Ohio taking the lead in

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Pharmacies put patients in harms way?

There’s a great article on that discusses how a union for healthcare workers is concerned that pharmacists are being overworked. Due to the increased workload for pharmacists the union worries that patient care is being jeopardized and more prescription

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